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What is FoodCrave?

We pick local restaurant food orders and deliver it to the comfort of your home office or hotel. We take online orders or over the phone and deliver it to your door. In most cases we deliver withing 45 mins but in case of Friday and Saturday evening there may be delays as the restaurant take longer to cook. For Friday and Saturday evening we would recommend to do a pre-order so we make sure that you get it well before time. Son we would be updating the site so you can real-time track your order

What areas do we deliver as of now?

We are delivering in Trivalley area i.e. Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon and Danville.

How to find a restaurant?

Enter the city state, and name of the restaurant if you know in the first search box. and click search button.

How to place an Order?

Click on the restaurant name and it will show the complete menu.

Click "Add to cart" and it will show you the options that go with the items.

On the checkout page. Select Delivery or Pickup. (The areas we server we do delivery for the restaurants who don't do their own deliveries.)

What happens when i submit an order?

Restaurant will receive your order and will start preparing the order. Also you will receive an confirmation of the order on your email mentioned in the checkout page.

You will also receive the phone no of the restaurant in the email. Restaurant may occasionally call you if there is some confusion in the instructions.

What should i do when i see a mistake in my order?

If you see a mistake in 5 mins please call 1-866-519-9155 and discuss with our representative so that they can address the issue.

What if my order is not delivered till one hour?

Call us at 1-866-519-9155 and we can tell you the status of the order. If there is an issue we will let you know.

What if you do not see the restaurant following the instructions?

Call us we will refund you for the order. Do call early. We cannot refund order after 1 day.

Who Should I Call to Check the Status of My Order?

Call FoodCrave at 1-866-519-9155 for knowing the status of your order.

How Do I Re-Order a Past Order?

Login to the website. Look at your past orders. And click reorder for quick reorder of the items.

Note : Prices may have changed or if item is out of menu for some reason it will prompt you with specific message. If it does not that means the order is fine.

What is the Refund Policy?

If there is a mistake in the order, Call us our Driver will bring you back the item. If in any circumstances the order is missing an item or two and the restaurant is closed by then or you no longer need the missing item. Call us we will refund you for he missing item. If in anycircumstances the food is delivered more then 1.5 hrs late. Call us and let us know we will not charge your for deliver. If you call us in 5 mins after placing the order and would like to cancel it. we will issue you the full refund.

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